A beginning

“It is the artist’s prerogative not to just document beauty, but also to create it—to make things beautiful that may not have been considered so by a casual observer.”

Guy Tal, More Than a Rock

I bought my first compact system camera in December 2012, and have since then tried to learn as much as possible about photography by experimenting on my own, attending photography workshops, and studying the work of other photographers.

My photographic journey is in its very early paces, and I do not know where it will take me. I photograph because I enjoy it, and because it helps me to connect with nature, give me a break from my professional job, pace down, and hopefully be a better observer. Even though I try to perfection my photographic technique and composition skills, the creative process itself has become increasingly important. So far I have mainly done traditional landscape photography, but I’ve recently been drawn towards macro photography and new expressive, or impressionistic, techniques like ICM (Intentional Camera Movement) and ME (Multiple Exposures).

Hopefully this journey will reflect in the photographs displayed on this site.

Photographic equipment

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